Playtime with Zeebu: Educational Resources for Children on the Autistic Spectrum

New Zeebu Gear!

Zeebu T-shirts

Checkout our new Playtime with Zeebu store on Cafe Press! You can get a shirt with Zeebu, Jumby, Neek, or Banya on it in a variety of children's sizes.

Please note that all purchases are separate from normal Zeebu items and are handled by Cafe Press.

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Choice Board

  • Now children can make choices, just like Zeebu!
  • Giving choices is powerful. Children that have difficultly communicating feel a sense of control when they get to choose activities during their day.
  • The blank magnets and dry erase marker help you and the child to customize the daily schedule. Write words or draw pictures right on the magnet, then erase and change activities as needed.
  • Unfasten the schedule from the choice board and it travels with you. Children can put activities into the All Done pocket as you finish each activity.

Coming soon.