Playtime with Zeebu: Meet The Team

Kim Gallo - Founder

The mother of 2 boys on the Autism Spectrum - Michael and Jack - Kim has a passion for finding ways to connect with her boys. Through the process of trial, error, and discovery, Kim was able to find ways to better engage her children while building meaningful, social relationships with them. This process has allowed Kim to create the ideas and tools you see in our product lines. With a degree in Education from Washington State University, and a Master's degree from University of Portland, Kim also has thousands of hours in the classroom with grade school children. Her involvement in local support groups and active presence with local school districts has impacted the way schools approach children on the autism spectrum.

David Gallo - Founder

Husband to Kim and father to Michael and Jack, David's role in Thought Bubble is the business side of things. An avid sports fan, Dave enjoys going to sporting events, spending time with friends, and wrestling with his two boys. He is a graduate of Oregon State University with a degree in business.

Jason Karl - Creative Director

If you see it on, or in, a Thought Bubble Productions product, it is a Jason Karl original. Jason is the driving force behind all of the visual images you see in Playtime With Zeebu™. A college friend to David, Jason also has a degree in illustration from Oregon State University. To see more of Jason’s creations, go to: